The ARS120 is mainly an “Attitude Heading Reference System” for guidance of driver assisted or autonomous vehicles and mobile machines. It may also be used as an acceleration compensated inclinometer and for other multi sensor purposes.The ARS120 combines MEMS gyroscopes, accelerometers, compass, barometer and high precision GPS in a single sensor unit. Note: Sensor availability is dependent on the type ordered.The main advantage of the ARS120 is it’s capability to fusion all these signals together with external inputs via CAN bus using a powerful on board processor. This enables customized fusion algorithms to be used in real time minimizing the sensor signal processing latency and without the need to purchase single purpose sensors to create a fully customized solution. It features data exchange via Ethernet and CAN bus.The software of the device can be customized to be adjusted precisely to the needs of a particular project or machine. OEM versions of the hardware can be provided


• Directional guidance of an automatic steering for autonomous vehicles or electronic auto-steering systems e.g. for mobile machines

• Multi dimensional positioning of complex machine kinematics

• Acceleration compensated inclinometer applications