Driver assistance and Autonomous operation

Functional safe autonomous operation of mobile machines, offroad extreme environment.
We design your Driver Assistance Systems up to functional safe autonomous operation!

Increasing safety, reaching higher machine productivity or enabling less trained operators to safely operate a machine. These are our goals for Driver Assistance Systems and also for Autonomous operation.

“Autonomous” has become a buzzword in the Internet, however safe implementation means more than just some fancy sensors and software. Machines have to be safe by law. And implementing driver assistance systems and reliable autonomous operation requires Functional Safety. We implement functional safe applications mainly in private areas like harbours, airports, construction sites, tunnels and mining. Also in these applications, mixed traffic situations with people and other manual traffic are common.

Our philosophy of Human Adapted Autonomy makes the autonomous equipment operating farmost as a human would do (assuming that the human keeps to the rules). In contrast to the philosophy “Autonomous vehicles always have right of way” this philosophy leads to a “natural” integration of autonomous equipment into a working environment. And it allows adaptive behavior of the automated vehicles.

Mostly we start projects as driver assisted operation with the option to finally end up in a fully autonomous drift.  Our applications may include indoor environments as well as outdoor use. Also e.g. transport vehicles which change from indoor to outdoor are within scope. Our autonomy offering also includes the use of Volvo Trucks, which we are able to control fully electronically (LINK).

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