MobileTronics is a system integrator for modern, digitalized solutions for mobile vehicles and machines based in Ladbergen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Our cross competence team covers all aspects you need to design most modern and reliable mobile equipment:

  • Mechanics and Hydraulics together with our partner
  • Kinematics and functional motion analysis together with our mechanics engineering partner
  • Algorithmics for navigation, guidance and autonomous operation
  • Electric and hybrid traction
  • Safety Control software / hardware in acc. to EN13849
  • Implemtation of vehicle guidance, navigation and IT level control
  • Modern digital dahboards and remote control room user interfaces
  • Start up on site and lifetime system service

Our staff has up to 20 years of experience in fully automated and autonomous mobile machines working in most hostile environments.

WIth our partner company, led by a leading specialist and teacher for vehicle design, we can offer the full range of mobile equipment design. This way we can assure that the machine concept is covering all aspects of digitalization right from the beginning. This saves enormous cost which otherwise originate from handing over a presumably “automation ready” mechanic design to the automation people which often results in late design changes, malfunctions, lack of reliability, project delays and increased cost.

We are a fast growing team of specialists in the fields of electronics, electromechanics, network technology, software and embedded IT. The management of MobileTronics combines the professionalism of a creative and target oriented engineering with a sustainable, conservative economical and financial business orientation in a typical sustainable medium-sized company.

By our experience and expertise and by a haulistic functional design and structured concept work we make sure your digitalization project is carried our in quality, in time and in budget.