Digital transformation and HMI

A good operator workplace is the key to a safe and intuitive operation of any machine. Especially on electronically controlled machines, where often many software functions are running “in the background” without being fully transparent to the operator. Not only on aircraft, such functions are leading to misunderstandings and accidents.

Therefore, our operator workplaces are consequently designed around the human user: With clear, easy to understand colors and symbols, messages and electronic checklists that lead to problem solutions with the continued operation in focus! No fancy photorealistic visualization which distracts from the essentials and no gimmics. These clear principles were created together with an experienced airline captain, who also is reviewing most of our operator workplaces.

This results in Human Machine Interfaces which are safe and easy to use, require a minimal amount of operator training and uniquely assign responsibility: If the Human takes control then he is in control – without the software overriding his control authority!

Contact us for a copy of our publications around Human Centered design of operator workplaces and HMI’s!

Our Digital Transformation Competences:
  • Programming of mobile controllers in C / C++ or IEC61131, e.g. using CODESYS.

  • Safety programming of certified safety controllers for mobile machines.

  • Script controlled, automatic verification of function blocks and programs in CODESYS.

  • User interfaces in CODESYS, Qt etc.

  • Individual graphic user interface using LINUX with reliable graphic technologies e.g. for navigation and map display etc. Also integrating video.

  • Individual software for high level machine computers (preferably C/C++ using Linux).

  • Machine communications and machine interfaces.

  • Automated verification (Unit-Tests) of Codesys- Function blocks and programs. Especially important in safety applications and under later program changes.

  • Setup of test plans and protocols.

  • Verification using software and simulation systems prior to installation and start up.

  • Implementing and testing the safety software.

Overcoming Barriers: Your Guide to Digital Transformation for Mobile Machines