E-Drives for heavy vehicles and mobile machines

MobileTronics is your System Integrator for modern electric drive trains on mobile machines and heavy vehicles!

We have extensive and well proven experience in:

  • Calculation of electric drive trains
  • Designing the entire high voltage system (400 / 800VDC)
  • Component selection (Batteries, Motors, …)
  • Integration of Hybride Generators
  • Synchronization of up to 8 motors (until now)
  • Overall e-drive electronic control – if needed also functional safe and up to autonomous operation
  • Operational energy management and energy optimization in the drive cycle
  • Service management via our modern HMI displays

 We are working with selected partners to create the optimal and most cost effective system design for your applications!

Bringing e-drives to construction-sites:

MobileTronics has successfully completed the system integration for fully electric “Multi Service Vehicles” (MSV) supplying Tunnel Boring Machines with concrete segments, liquid concrete and all other materials.

MobileTronics performed the control system design and software development for all vehicle functions and for the driver environment incl. electronic dashboard. The MSV’s consist of two identical vehicles mechanically connected to each other. One MSV has a gross weight of up to 180t powered by up to 8 electric motors running at a speed of up to 20km/h. An optional Diesel-Generator provides additional electric power if needed.

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