MobileTronics offers proven solutions for electronic control (drive-by-wire) of multi-axle vehicles and for connected trains of multiple vehicles running on a single track.

Controlling multiple axles in mobile machines needs more than adjusting wheels or crawler chains to a defined angle. In praxis detection and correction of errors, electronic guidance and collision-avoidance are as essential for of a successful multi-axle-system as reliable and certifiable drive-by-wire systems.

MobileTronics melts newest mathematical algorithms, standardized industrial sensors and safety-PLC’s to intelligent systems for motion-control.

This brings entirely new opportunities to mobile platforms! Complex drives become possible, multiple trailers can be driven by single drivers, combined vehicles drive as roadtrains on Virtual Rails.

Harsh environments often need crawlers – controlling multiple chain-drives needs perfect balance of propulsion to archive force-free interconnections, low wear-out, precise and efficient movement.


Finally fully electronic control of multi-axle-systems is the basis for intelligent driver-assistance-systems up to autonomously driving machines.