Multi-axle Steer-by-Wire

In several applications our steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire technology is used. Fail operational if needed so a single failure does not affect the function of the system. Our interdisciplinary engineers are combining mechanics, hydraulics, electrics and software to clever mechatronic solutions so safety always is ensured. With already more than 200.000 km operational experience in a dangerous downhill application at 12% decline!

Ask us for designing the mechatronics of your “x-by-wire” application!

Why installing rails? They are disturbing car traffic, can’t be used on steep grades , limit flexibility of operation and are expensive to install and to remove.

Our VirtuRail ® Technology moves the rail into the computer and your trains are able to run on regular driving surface. Thereby we combine the advantages of trains with the flexibility of trucks.

Trains can pull a nearly infinite number of wagons, because the rails assure all waggons are exactly following each other. This simple principle cannot easily be transfered to vehicles on roads. Vehicles with more than one trailer tend to get un-maneuverable in praxis because the wheels do not follow each other in the same track.

MobileTronics roadtrain-solutions solves this problem by electronic steering of all axles so they precisely follow the leading axle like on a track bound train. With stunning precision!

Without rails, without additional infrastructure, without loss of speed, without loss of precision but with all advantages from both technologies.

And on top of all MobileTronics is able to automatically guide the train with a minimum number of external navigation aids up to a complete autonomous operation.

Proven in more than one year daily operation and nearly 50.000 km total distance travelled on 4 trains with up to five cars.

Our solutions work with standardized industrial and automotive sensors to decrease hardware cost. The VirtuRail ® system can be adapted to nearly every mobile platform. Ask us how your platform can make use of this solution. We work in close cooperation with machine manufacturers to integrate our VirtuRail ® Technology into different products. Now also with fully electric drives and battery power.

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