VirtuRail® – with an Autonomous Train into the Heart of the Tunnel

Efficient supply transports thanks to the latest technology: during the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel trackless, autonomous trains were used for the first time. We took a look inside the mountain.

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Sophie-RC® – Radio Remote control for volvo trucks - digital future with approved safety

MobileTronics presents SOPHIE-RC®, the first Radio Remote Control for maneuvering of Volvo-Trucks, which is completely functional safe and examined by TÜV Süd: This covers the safety certified radio transmission, the electronic controller, the safety related software and the integration of the system into Volvo Trucks of type FH, FM and FMX using the VOLVO EXSTER option together with additional safety circuits.

Users now get a functional safe radio remote control to improve vehicle productivity during maneuvering which is designed to a similarly high safety standard as their Volvo Truck.

SOPHIE-RC® is successfully used on FH and FMX vehicles. The formal integration into the vehicle registration documents in Germany is performed by a related examination report of TÜV Süd.

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