VirtuRailR Trains with more than 100.000km driving experience!

At the Ahrental worksite of the Brenner Base Tunnel the fully digital supply trains using the MobileTronics VirtuRail technology recently completed 100.000 km total driving experience!

This is an impressive proof-of concept of the VirtuRail world innovation of “Trains without rails”, which was invented, designed and implemented by MobileTronics and it’s affiliated companies: Instead of running on steel rails, the trains run on rubber tired wheels mounted on electronically steered axles which all follow precisely the track of the leading axle.

In addition, the leading axle is guided autonomously so a fully automated operation is possible up to autonomy level 4! However in the current application a driver is on board mainly for safety reasons in a mixed use environment with other vehicles and people moving in the area.

All electronic systems, mathematics and software for the fully automated guidance of 18 axles were designed in accordance to the latest rules of functional safety using certified safety controllers in a fail-operational setup. In addition, advanced laser and radar sensors together with a guidance computer assure the automated guidance of the train and the precise docking into the narrow backup of the TBM.

The successful operation experience now makes this new system an ideal selection for all kinds of transport tasks in mining, tunneling and open space private areas.