Technical specification:


  • Cortex M4 CPU running at 120 MHz
  • Communication:
    • 1x 100Base-T Ethernet
    • 2x CANBUS ISO 11898
  • 11-30V Power Supply, 2W max
  • -20 ÷ 75°C operating temperature, IP67
  • M12 rugged connectors for heavy duty applications
  • Sensors (9 DOF):
    • Accelerometer: Number of sensing axes: 3 (roll, pitch, yaw)
    • Max. Acceleration: High accuracy: 2g
    • Max. Acceleration: High sensing speed: 4g
    • Gyroscope: Number of sensing axes: 3 (roll, pitch, yaw)
    • Gyro Roll Pitch Accuracy
      • High accuracy (static): 0,1°
      • High accuracy (dynamic): 0,25°
      • High speed (static): 0,5°
      • High speed (dynamic): 1°
  • Gyro update rate: 250Hz
  • Horizontal positioning accuracy – Standalone GPS: 2,5m
  • Horizontal positioning accuracy – RTK (best performance): 0,025m + 1ppm
  • Heading Accuracy: 50% @ 30m/s for dynamic operation or assuming a 1m baseline in MB mode; All satellites at -130dBm: 0,3°
  • Velocity Accuracy: 0,05 m/sec
  • Max GPS update rate: 4Hz
  • GPS receiver type: 72 channel GPS L1C/A GLONASS L1OF BeiDou B1I

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ARS120 is an intelligent device which takes the sensor data and calculates (for example using Kalmann filter) navigation solution. Abbreviation stands for Attitude and Heading Reference System.

Key facts and features:

  • inertial navigation and guidance device,
  • based on accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and barometer, RTK GPS
  • two CAN buses, 3 axis, gyroscope, 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis magnetometer, barometer, Ethernet, RTK GPS
  • rugged IP67 and very good looking enclosure

About state-of-the-art GPS feature:

  • ARS120 uses brand new, cutting edge technology GPS module from u-blox.
  • RTK GPS is GPS which uses “land base stations” to help it be more accurate
  • single centimeter accuracy
  • ARS120 can be both a base station and a rover