Remote Control for Volvo Trucks

In many operating situations for loading and unloading or for special working functions of the truck, the vehicle has to be moved slowly for a few meters. For this purpose, the driver has to terminate the work today and drive the vehicle from the driver’s cab to the next working position.

With the MobileTronics VR01 – Radio Remote Control it is possible to locally move the vehicle with the help of a Safety Radio Remote control to a limited extent and with limited speed. The Radio Control thereby extends the working functions of a Volvo truck by the driving function.


Maneuvering in narrow areas and on construction sites

Using the Radio Remote Control, the driver can maneuver the vehicle safely both forward and backward with full steering function. He can always walk to a position so he can overview the entire dangerous areas..

Faster loading and unloading

Often, e.g. on road construction sites pallets with building materials (e.g. concrete blocks) are to be unloaded by some 10 or 20 meters apart from each other: Using the VR01 Radio Remote Control, it is no longer necessary to switch to the regular road driving to move the vehicle into the next position! Also, the precise loading and placement of e.g. Roll-off containers or skips are simplified by the remote control.

Precise work with attachments

Many special truck attachments and bodies need the truck to be moved at low speed. Using the VR01 Radio Remote Control the truck can be operated from the outside most safely and easily. This safes time in operation and often it does not require a second operator.

Easy installation

If the vehicle is equipped with the necessary equipment variants, the receiver of the radio remote control and an additional control unit will be installed by the Volvo Trucks authorized workshop. Optionally, a charger for the battery of the remote control can also be installed so that the battery can be charged in the vehicle itself.

Simple and safe operation

The driver activates the radio remote control by switching the vehicle into a working mode using a switch in the driver’s cab. This activates the hand held transmitter and the following functions are available via joysticks and switches:

  • Engine start / stop
  • Driving direction forward / backward
  • Parking brake
  • Travel speed / brake with deadman function: When the joystick is released, the vehicle stops
  • Steering
  • Certified emergency stop