Let’s make the plan

Overcoming the barriers by crossing the mountains also means to plan the trip thoroughly together with an experienced guide who knows all potential dangers. Precisely like with your digitalization project, where MobileTronics is your project guide: Regardless whether you may have an idea for a new machine, you want to rationalize your worksite by autonomous machine operation or if you want to integrate mobile equipment into your IT infrastructure. MobileTronics is your guide from the idea to implementation.

Digitalization” or “Industry 4.0” means much more than just “putting another computer onboard the machine”: The machine or vehicle has to become part of the functional environment, connected to the IT. As more subsystems are involved, the concept phase of any digitalization project is of much higher importance than with traditional developments. Like when choosing the route for the mountain trip, in this phase all alternative routes, or in the project the alternatives for traction, steering, brakes of a vehicle are evaluated on their functional and economic impact in order to find the best possible “route” for your project.

These concepts are finally documented in a pre study or directly in the project specification to have a good foundation for your project implementation and in order to prevent from late project surprises.