Modern, digitalized solutions for
mobile machines and vehicles

Intelligent trailer steering,
VirtuRail ® trackless trains

Hybrid and Battery electric drive trains

Machine IT, blackboxes, cloud solutions,
intelligent message handling

Functional Safe Electronic Control
up to Fail-Operational(PLe)

Functional safe autonomous operation of mobile machines, offroad extreme environment

Overcoming the barriers by crossing the mountains means to plan the trip thoroughly together with an experienced guide who knows all potential dangers.

This is the same with transforming your machines into the age of Digitalization!

MobileTronics is your project guide: Regardless whether you may have an idea for a new machine, you want to rationalize your worksite by autonomous machine operation or if you want to integrate mobile equipment into your IT infrastructure. MobileTronics is your guide from the idea to implementation.

Digitalization” or “Industry 4.0” means much more than just “putting another computer onboard the machine”: It means to make software and electronics an integral part of the functional machine design: Digitalization means to produce mechatronic systems rather than mechanics driven machines! And because the software will be the most valuable part of design, it has to be re-used as much as possible to be cost effective!

Therefore you need MobileTronics as an experienced guide to mechatronics system development up to fully autonomous machines and mobile systems. Together with you we are evaluating all the alternatives for e.g. traction, steering, brakes of a vehicle on their functional and economic impact in order to find the best possible “development route” for your project.

These concepts are finally documented in a pre study or directly in the project specification to have a good foundation for your project implementation and in order to prevent from late project surprises.

Overcoming Barriers: Your Guide to Digital Transformation for Mobile Machines